I spotted Aigle rainboots while I was in Paris last weekend and since then I’ve done a bit of research to find out a bit more. The company website has a beautiful history of the brand and it totally piqued my interest. They started in 1853 when “somewhere in the USA Hiram Hutchinson and Charles Goodyear ‘talk business.'” Goodyear took it one way (tires!) and Hutchinson went to France and started “La Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple” or”The Flexible Rubber Company”, producing boots en masse. He later called it L’Aigle, as a tribute to the American bald eagle. 160 years or so later they’ve rebranded and are totally awesome. I was initially struck by the lifestyle branding. These pictures make me want to wear stripes permanently and hike or boat, non? There’s something very French about it: perhaps ze casual yet still ze classy?

Have a lovely weekend!


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