Although the classes are great and informative, the best part about Alt is meeting up with friends. I got to meet up with a lot of people who I’ve only known online or haven’t seen in some time. The conference is such a great excuse for a meet-up including Audrey from This Little Street (also married to a Dane–we had tons to talk about) at the Flipboard party with Clooney. Design Mom, the organizer of the conference, rocked it with her peacock headdress. PS-She’s awesome.


The very first night of the conference, Serena and Lily sponsored our dinner at the New Yorker, a wonderful downstairs restaurant in SLC. The Serena girls are the best! And they left us with some wonderful goodies. And I had a lovely time chatting with the ladies from Camille Styles. And she finally answered the age-old question, is that her real name? and yes, it is! Jessica Alba was there promoting her Honest Company and I had to play paparazzi. Just had to. Oh, and Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings was there! I love her.

ANYWHOO! a lot of fun people and parties, though my favorite two photos above are from the tabletop photography workshop I did with Nicole Gerulat from Nicole’s Classes. I pretty much learned that you need $1000s of dollars to make the proper studio, so my little makeshift studio will have to suffice for now. I felt like an amazing photographer shooting her set-ups with products from Alice Lane, but it’s really only because she set them up for us. The trick is to now to replicate the process. eeek!

Keynote speaker Katie Sokaler of Color Me Katie did what she did best and surprised us with a balloon fight. See the video above.

So, I didn’t end up taking many photos of the awesome people I met, but I got their amazing business cards. I might try and take a comprehensive picture of my cards, but if you’re reading this, leave a comment so we have a list in one place. It’d be so helpful, doncha think? I’ll be making a summary of our panel talk, Hiring Help, within the next few days too. 

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