I bet you’re wondering where the third part of the “On her head” series is. It’s on its way. Don’t fret. I had to post about Alt first because I have a tendency of backing up posts to the point that they are irrelevant and boring so while it’s still fresh on my mind…I present Alt Summit 2013! A little secret, I went to the very first Alt Summit in 2010. My graduate school sent me and I was SO shy and intimidated that I probably talked with 3 people total. 4 years later I attended as a speaker on a panel and ended up losing my voice because I chatted so much. I met up with people who I’ve been admiring for awhile and express my unfeigned adoration. Hope I didn’t scare anyone too much.

pics above: Eva, from Sycamore Street Press, and I had a ball at the mini parties on Friday night in the Method room hosted by the Girls With Glasses. This was my first time doing a Smile Booth so I finally feel like a legit blogger. Or something. You know I love to get my groove thang on but somehow I missed the big dance party later in the evening. boo hoo! So I kind of danced on my own while Eva watched pregnant from the side. No worries though because I ended up having a lovely time chatting with Eva, Christine Castro from Darling Studio, and Ez from Creature Comforts the rest of the evening. These girls are fantastic! Emily Henderson and her assistant Orlando came for the Clue Party, in which I adorned my head with a yellow flower (I was Colonel Mustard, of course). The Land of Nod had a huge swan thing going on in their room. Swans? Sure, why not! Salty Pineapple and Melissa Esplin and I posed.

more tomorrow! 

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