We Do Weddings! Well, at least I did while I was a part of this brand new group before my move to America. Part of what made my experience in Denmark so worthwhile the last 8 months or so was meeting these wonderful group of ladies who are kind, inviting, talented, and encouraging. It was because of this group that I met Amanda and Lina who invited me to work in their studio and we had a ball. Through all of my messes these two were super patient. Thank you!

SO, We Do Weddings, is made up of a wedding professionals, some of the very best in all of Denmark—photographers, dress designers, accessories designers, hair/make-up artists—who are passionate about creating weddings that reflect the personalities of their clients.

Here’s the thing about the Danish wedding situation. Danes in general have good taste when it comes to  style. I’d say the average Dane dresses better than the average American. Hands down. They have great designers and a great design tradition. BUT, somehow when it comes to weddings, style goes out the window. Based on what I’ve seen, the dresses tend to be cheap and reminiscent of the 90s, the invitations printed on white copy paper on Word, and the photography is, well, cheesy. It’s hard to blame them when they don’t have much to choose from and the wedding sector is very small in Denmark. (A small population=small market.) SO, you can imagine a group dedicated to raising the bar and implementing good design is a much needed breath of fresh air. I, for one, was very pleased to be involved.

They have a brand spankin new website showing everyone involved divided up into dresses, photographers, accessories designers, hair/make up artists.

The dress designers include: Charlotte Ostergaard, Anja Elefteria Diakovasilis of Elefteria, Rikke Gudnitz of Gudnitz Couture, and Maria of Vintage Bride.

The photographers include: Amanda Thomsen, Camilla Jørvad, Lina Ahnoff, Hazel of Think, and Tine Hvolby

The hair/make up artists: Lenore Rosendahl, and Marlene Sofia.

Ladies, nice job! I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you come up with!

Check out their website, We Do Weddings, and their We Do Weddings Facebook page and tell your Danish friends!

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