This Girl: Donut edition

It’s today! Happy National Donut Day! Did you go out and get your free donut? Go to the National Donut Day site to see who’s participating (sorry foreigners). As a former non-sugar eater, I’m sure my friends from like 5 years ago are shocked that I’m the self-imposed poster child for this holiday. I’m just much classier now. Here’s proof. (scroll to last picture).

Don’t forget! There’s a hashtag for today! #ndd13

Here are some more posts about donuts to feed your mind, in addition to your belly:
Did you see my donut garland from yesterday? Just print it off!
SF Girl by the Bay and her collection of beautiful donuts
Lulu the Baker’s Sugar donuts look so good
Studio DIY’s collection of Donuts on her Pinterest
Waffle. Donuts. Waffle donuts.
Fancy Donut party

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