Fall florals

GASP. I nearly died when I stumbled on a photo that Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral posted on her Instagram the other night. Ashley and photographer, Ciara Richardson, (you remember them from our midsummer shoot, right?) do a monthly floral collaboration called Flower of the Month. This month they teamed up with painter Sarah Nightingale, both the model and maker of the floral backdrop, to create this jaw-droppingly gorgeous homage to fall. Every single element is gorgeous: the hair (hair and make up by Steph), the flowers, the vest…everything. I die. You guys know I can’t handle so much beauty in one little space. I was so curious about the gorgeous backdrop and Sarah was kind enough to share her thoughts on it (read them below).
Ashley created this leaf vest. Take a closer look…beyond.
Here’s what Sarah said about the process: 

Ashley and Ciara were the dream team at my wedding in CA over the summer. I had found both Ashley and Ciara somehow via Instagram and fell in love with their work. As we got to know each other a little more, they saw some of my art work and generously offered that I collaborate with them for “Flower of the Month.” 

October started to roll around and Ciara sent me a text asking if I wanted to be involved with the Oct. Flower of the Month. I was floored! Ciara had the idea to do a large floral backdrop, and I was enthralled with the idea as well. 

I was in a time crunch, about 8-10 days to create this floral backdrop, so I was working wildly! I went through a number of processes for the backdrop; I had never done anything quite so large, and especially not is such a quick time-frame.  I first did preliminary watercolor sketches to get a mood for color, then I went on to photographing flowers from around the neighborhood for reference . . . I attempted to make some sort of transfer to a 6x6ft. panel which only turned into a learning experience . . . then one night in my studio I just felt that creative spark and started painting away at little floral studies. 

I work in oil with walnut oil as a medium on canvas primarily, but Duralar if it is a small, quick, oil sketch that I just need to get out quickly. It was a Duralar kind of evening in the studio that night, and that floral oil sketch you see as the backdrop in Flower of the Month is from that night; it just came together very well that night. (Actually, I should say that after lots of sketches and other attempts to create something perfect it came together.) 

I finished that oil sketch, originally thinking it may be too saturated to feed the “moody” feeling I was trying to find, but after a while, taking a break from it, I decided that was it–I loved it! It was fresh and new. I wanted the backdrop to “feel good” as I was working on it. I think that is so important for an artist to enjoy their work as they’re creating it, and that oil sketch did. It felt good the whole time I was working on it.

Ashley and Ciara approved of the oil sketch and that was it! But figuring out a way to transform an 8x8in. oil painting to huge backdrop was another thing. I came up with a simple process where I was able to piece together high-res images of the painting and get it printed at a local print shop the day before the shoot. After proofing the color about 5 times over and making my husband stand in front of it while I snapped iphone pics so I could make sure it was all “working,”  I was so happy with the result! I laid the backdrop out on my living room floor the night before and just was so happy about it! 

The day of the photo shoot with Ciara, when everything came together, Ashley’s florals (not to mention the leaf vest she made with real leaves,) the cake from Pippa Cakery, and of course, Hair and Makeup by Steph, you could “feel” then, too, that everything was harmonizing and working together. 

I am really grateful that I was able to work with such wonderful, talented ladies. They’re the dream team. It was perfectly inspiring to work on the Oct. Flower of the Month. I can’t get floral paintings out of my idea box since this shoot. You’ll be seeing more florals from me soon hopefully. 🙂 

Are you inspired?! Man, well done ladies! 

photography by Ciara Richardson
backdrop/painting by Sarah Nightingale (and she’ll be selling paintings soon on her shop)
florals by Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral



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