5 gift topper ideas

Isn’t it so nice to give gifts with a little something that’s handmade? Even if you’re not an expert crafter, these 5 gift topper ideas are super easy and will make your holiday gifts extra special. Plus, you can use some of these gift topper ideas for many other celebrations!

Read below for the full instructions.

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with my talented friend Kate Zaremba for while now (I wrote about her work ages ago–she did textile designs for Rachel Antonoff)–and finally the time is here! Kate recently launched her illustration company where she does adorable prints, wallpaper, gift wrap, cards, and custom illustrations. She was kind enough to supply me with some of her brand new gift wrap, and I made 5 simple gift toppers for them with all the instructions below. PLUS, we’re doing an Instagram contest where she’ll make an original design based off of YOUR inspiration. Just post a pic of your inspiration, tag it with #giftwrapinspirationcontest, and follow @kathrynzaremba. The winner will be selected, Kate will design some gift wrap, and you’ll receive it as a gift. FUN huh?! Head on over to instagram for more info. Contest ends Monday, November 25th.*


*Note: This contest is now closed, but you can head on over to Kate’s Instagram for print inspiration and the Lars Instagram for holiday crafting ideas!


In the meantime, let’s make some gift toppers for her gift wrap! I made 5 of them: a perfect bow (based on one I’ve been spotting around blog town lately but can’t seem to find an original source for), holly and berries, paper pom, the pendant, and the forest. Aren’t they cute? They’re so simple to make and would be easy for any holiday gift.

DIY gift toppers

For some really lame drawings that I did to show how to make them all, read full instructions below.
I hope these drawings are sufficient. It’s more of an experiment. I can’t draw super well with my tablet so they are super childish, but hopefully they do the job.
One thing for the bow, I sprayed two pieces of her gift wrap together so that it would be firmer.
With the pendant, I sprayed two pieces of her paper front to back so that it would be firmer.


Holiday gift wrap ideas

We know you probably have a lot of holiday gift wrapping to do. After you craft some of these beauties, take a look at our other gift wrap ideas! You can make DIY gift bags from wallpaper (Kate Zaremba’s wallpaper, perhaps?). Want to mix and match your gift toppers? Check out these greenery gift toppers (also made from paper)! We also have a line of Lars wrapping paper, available with many other holiday gifts and templates in our Christmas shop!

Let’s get to wrapping!

photography by Trisha Zemp




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