I got a tinge nostalgic for Denmark the other night and started going through my Instagram archives. I came across this photo and then this photo and the reality of riding a bicycle as my main form of transportation made me shudder. I’m a fair weather fan to the core. 
BUT, there are certain exceptions when I love me a bicycle: on a picnic, on a stroll, around town, on 24 MERRY DAYS OF FREAKIN’ CHRISTMAS! I’ve been wanting to give a bike away since my time in DK and the day has arrived thanks to Public Bikes who’s giving away either a V1 or C1 bike–your choice! A $500 value (shipping included). Like I always say, I don’t even want to tell you about this because I want it for myself! 

We’re using Rafflecopter, which allows you 20 ways to enter. Enter below: 

A huge thank you to Public Bikes for the bike (they’ve got some rad deals on beautiful bikes btw so even if you don’t win, check ’em out) and Audrey of This Little Street for arranging everything. And check out Lacie from A 1000 Threads for the next big giveaway tomorrow or the main 24 Merry Days site for the full lineup. Isn’t this fun?! I want them all!

Sadly, this giveaway is for US residents only. Not all giveaways are, so check back on the other days.

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