Oversized holly & berry paper garland

Though I’m right in the thick of my Valentine’s Day posting, I thought I’d take you a few weeks back to a time when sugar plums danced in our heads. And because of the nature of Pinterest, I’m hoping that my tardiness in posting doesn’t mean that the project will get lost in no man’s blog land, so please pin for next year!

I created this oversized holly and berry paper garland for my parent’s house when we went to visit them over the holidays. My mom is the most clever decorator you will ever meet, but she was really over Christmas decorations this year. I think it’s because she never does the same thing twice–I am my mother’s daughter. So, she asked if I wanted to make something and I obliged. Or begged. I can’t remember. I’ll do a tutorial on it when Christmas gets closer, but let these pictures suffice for now.
UPDATED: I give the tutorial here. You can also view the holly berry garland video here.
This holly and berry paper garland is grand and wonderfully over the top. Is there such a thing as too many holiday decorations? Not when your decor is this beautiful!
See that painting below? That’s my mom as painted by my uncle. As it’s placed right by the entry of the house, it reminds us not to get into any shenanigans.

Again, stay tuned for a full tutorial closer to the holidays on this oversized holly and berries paper garland. I’m sure you’ll be waiting at the edge of your seats.

UPDATED: You can find the tutorial here.

Thank you to my awesome brother-in-law, Walker Boyes, for taking the photos! He’s the best!

DIY holly berry decor

Who doesn’t want to decorate with holly berries for the holidays? If you love holly berry decor as much as we do, you’re in luck! We’ve got so many different DIY tutorials for you. Match your exterior decor to your indoor holly berry garland with this DIY felt holly wreath. For a smaller DIY decoration, try out this DIY crepe paper holly. Place in bottles with ribbon for simple and easy holiday style! For a fun little gift idea, check out this DIY holly berry surprise ball. Plus, this holly berry surprise ball is so similar to the DIY berry on this paper garland, you’re already a step ahead! Fill with candy or a small trinket for a cheerful holiday gift!

Be sure to check out the Lars shop for fun holiday printables and gift ideas!



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