5 gift wrapping ideas for spring
Spring is creeping in now (aside from yesterday’s snow) and I’m getting anxious for a new color palette and new projects. You know what this means, right? Some springy gift wrapping ideas, of course. I started this at Palm Springs for Meet Make do, but because of what happened (see here for deets) I wasn’t able to finish. Ultimately it was good because a girl needs to think thoroughly about the perfect spring wrapping. 
So, I introduce to you 5 different ways to wrap a gift for spring: 
Flower garden spring gift wrapping
The spring flower garden gift topper.
Monogram gold tag for a gift
The monogram/tassel duo gift topper.
Make a vase on a gift
I call this the flower vase gift topper.
Gold daisy gift topper for spring
The gold daisy gift topper.
Confetti gift topper for spring
The confetti gift topper.
To see full instructions, click below:

To make the flower garden, here’s what you need: crepe paper in colors of your choice, wire (22 gauge), wire cutters, gift, glue
Step 1: To make the little red tulip, cut out 5 petals in the shape of a tear with the grain of the crepe going vertically.
Step 2: Cut out grass by folding the paper in half a few times and cutting into it like chards. The grain of the crepe should go vertically.
Step 3: Fold the bottom of the grass in about 1/4″ inch. You will glue this onto the top of the box.
Step 4: To make the flower, dab some glue onto the bottom of the first petal and quickly add the wire onto it. 
Step 5: Add the second petal on around the first one.
Step 6: Add the third petal on.
Step 7: Overlap the 4th and 5th petals onto the outside of the inner three.
Step 8: Cut about 1/2″strip of green crepe paper measuring about 6″ for a 4″ flower stem. 
Step 9: Glue a dab of glue at the base of the flower and wrap it down the stem.
Step 10: Add in a leaf then continue wrapping.
Step 11: Make however many flowers you’d like to to complete your garden.
Step 12: Glue the grass strips onto the top of the box.
Step 13: Either poke holes into the top of your box or glue the flowers in place.
For this project, in addition to the little tulips I also made roses. Learn how to make the roses on my Skillshare class. Enter PAPER at checkout for 20% off.
The gold monogram/tassel duo is a fun addition to personalize a gift. 
You will need: a letter to cut out, twine, gold paper, scissors, fun ribbons to accessorize
Step 1: Either draw or print off a letter from your computer backwards. (Or use a Cricut Explore–they’re awesome! I just didn’t have access to mine when I made it!) 
Step 2: Cut it out so the gold is facing forwards.
Step 3: To make the tassel you will wind twine around your four fingers about 5 times.
Step 4: Take it off and tie a knot around it. Leave the remaining twine the length of the rest of the strands.
Step 5: Cut it off at the ends.
Step 6: Tie a little knot about a 1/4″ below the first knot and secure.
Step 7: Cut the edges off in one simple cut.
Add this tassel around the ribbons of your box.
This is when I really could have used the Cricut Explore (again, I didn’t have access to it at the time).
Materials: Gold paper, scissors
Step 1: Cut out 8 petals, a circle and a wedge like below.
Step 2: Form the wedge into a circle and glue together.
Step 3: Cut the wedge so there is no point at the end.
Step 4: Curl each petal with a pen or paintbrush or something.
Step 5: Glue each petal into the circle you created spilling them out each way.
Step 6: Top it with the circle.
Step 7: Glue onto your gift!

I call this the flower vase. I love how simple yet beautiful this one can be. Think about using real flowers too.

Step 1: All you do is wrap the gift first and mark where you want to place the flower.
Step 2: Make two incisions.
Step 3: Insert flower.

Donzo. How beautiful with real flowers huh?! Or of course, paper flowers.

The confetti package is super fun looking too. The girls from Ban.do kindly sent me some fun goodies including an envelope of confetti so I put it to use here.
Materials: Mod Podge, paint brush, confetti, fun ribbons
Step 1: Wrap your gift and find the side you’d like to use. Paint it with some Mod Podge and quickly apply your confetti.
Step 2: Wrap some fun ribbons around to complete your package!
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