Send a birthday cake care package in the mail with this fake cake and free printable birthday party kit
Learn to make this fake ombre birthday cake slive
photography by Trisha Zemp
I met the clever Alana Jones Mann at Alt in January and she gave me her adorable business cards which were mini cakes made from make-up sponges. I nearly died of cuteness overload. She referred me to the site where she got the idea, She Knows, which made these mailable birthday cake slices, which nearly took me to my grave. How ingenious are these?! 
I’ve been wanting to do something with these cake/pie boxes that Steph Modo makes for her shop, A La Modo, for awhile now so I decided to put the two together and make a birthday cake care package. I have a cake box template and a little party envelope kit template that you can stick in the box and ship off. How awesome would this be to receive for your birthday???
cake/pie boxes from A La Modo
free printable birthday party kit
send a birthday party kit in a cake box

 Get the templates and full instructions below.

materials for birthday party kit
Materials: industrial sponges, spray paint in three tonal colors, caulk, caulk gun, scissors, serrated knife, plastic knife or paintbrush, cake tip, cake decorating bag, balloons, candles, cake boxes (from A La Modo), Happy Birthday cake box template, party kit template
Step 1: Size the sponge to the bottom of the cake box and make the cake smaller than the box.
Step 2: Cut the sponge using a long serrated knife. It can be kind of tricky so you’ll want a really good one.
Step 3: Cut the cake in thirds.
Step 4: Spray the edges of the cake in descending colors. You’ll want to let them air dray for at least a day to get rid of the fumes.
Step 5: Pump the caulk into the cake bag.
Step 6: Line the edges of the cake with the caulk. I did two different types: one messy and the other more decorated like a traditional cake. The caulk can be really runny so you might want to practice before you apply. Let the caulk dry for at least 2-3 days.
birthday party cake instructions
Step 7: Feel free to use a plastic knife or cheap paintbrush to decorate the top of the cake.
Step 8: To include a space for the candle, use an x-acto knife and make a cross.
Step 9: Use some white acrylic paint to make simple decorations on the box.
faux cake slice instructions
Add in a birthday message to your box (click to download here
print off this free printable and add it into a cake box from A La Modo
print off this birthday party envelope kit
To make the birthday party kit:
Add in a mini party to the box by downloading the birthday party kit envelope here
Step 1: Cut out the template
Step 2: Fold in one side so it’s flush with the top line.
Step 3: Fold in the other side so it’s flush with the opposite top line.
Step 4: Fold in the bottom.
Step 5: Glue the sides together.
Insert your candles, balloon, and confetti. Insta-party!
how to fold a birthday party kit envelope
birthday party kit with candles and balloons
Send a birthday cake care package in the mail
additional crafting by Erica Urry
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