Caitlin and Tanner sitting in a…flower bed

It’s been a long time coming but they’re here! The pictures from my sister’s wedding were published on Martha Stewart Weddings site today, which means that we finally get to show what all the floral madness was about last year. 
The theme was “Come tiptoe through the enchanting flower garden” based on Tiny Tim’s creepy yet charming tune, “Come tiptoe through the tulips” and of course in true Watson style we had to do oversized flowers again (here are pics from my wedding from nearly 4 years ago now where we did paper flowers). Thanks to the amazing handiwork and many months of preparation of my mom and my sister, the bride herself, they turned butcher paper into beautiful blooms that filled the reception site. 
When I visited family over the holiday break, we decided to stage the flowers in a nearby park to recreate the scene with the photographic magic of Jessica Peterson, who just happened to be in town.

 Caitlin wrote some lovely words about how they met:

“With all great love stories, there needs to be a connection. Ours involved Facebook and a telegram. We both grew up in San Clemente, CA. Our families knew each other. I was event friends with Tanner’s older brother. Being older than Tanner by 4 years, we were never in high school together. I went away to college to Utah. Tanner left for New Jersey. It just wasn’t our time to meet yet. Finally in 2012 I clicked the magical “you might know them” Facebook button and befriended him. He accepted! With our FB message, I asked him to help me write a telegram that I was sending to my sister in Denmark. He then sent me a telegram. And the connection was made! 

How did you come up with the theme of your wedding?

“I have always loved flowers. I think it’s a family thing. My mother worked a lot with flowers and later I worked in a flower shop. I think because of those experiences I really wanted to make amy own handmade flowers for my wedding. I wanted the backyard to transform into a flower festival. I envisioned people being able to walk under handcrafted oversized flowers. Tanner caught my vision and we worked hard together to make it work.”

What’s personal about your wedding? 

“We tried to make our wedding completely us. Tanner had a fully custom tailored red suit. I had the most beautiful colorful embroidered floral wedding dress. It was our magical floral creations that brought it to life.”

Tell us about your dress:

“Temperly of London. I first saw my dress on Project Runway when Alice Temperly was a guest judge. She was wearing this one and I fell in love. I googled the dress and always kept a photo of it on my computer. When I got engaged I didn’t even think about it being my wedding dress. While trying to find some inspirational photos to use for my wedding, I came across my saved dress. I knew I had to have it for my wedding! I went online and saw it was still for sale and half off! It was a miracle. By the time I was ready to order the dress I couldn’t find it anywhere, like completely gone! I made a phone call to London and was told there were a few dresses there. Everyone over at Temperly London was really exited I was going to wear it as my wedding dress!”

What was the feel of the wedding?
It was very casual. I did my own hair and make up. My mother helped me put on my dress. We got married earlier in the day, with just our close family and friends in attendance. Tanner and I took off to take some photos and then it was time for the reception at his family’s house.

photography by Jessica Peterson
paper flowers by my mama Kim Watson and bride Caitlin Watson Boyes
styling by me
dress from Temperly London
tie from STNTN
groom’s suit: Nelson Dumancela of Couture Clothiers, NJ. A full custom hand made suit designed by Tanner.
groom’s shirt Paper Cloth NY
banner by the bride Caitlin Watson Boyes
bride’s shoes and necklace from J. Crew

Click here to see more images on Martha Stewart 

If you’re interested in having flowers at your wedding, Caitlin is now starting to rent them out. Click here for more info.



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