Last year I came up with with some life-size Easter egg terrariums with mini paper flowers (see here). I wanted to try it with live plants this year to give out as gifts so I found some oversized plastic Easter eggs that are much more practical and spacious for installing live plants. I used air plants because I thought they would hold up a bit better with my black thumb.

 See the full instructions on how to make it below.

Materials: moss, plastic Easter egg (I got mine from Michael’s), spray paint (I used copper), air plants (I got mine from a local nursery)
Step 1: Spray the colored Easter egg inside and out. Let it dry for at least 24 hours but ideally more. You don’t want to suffocate your new plats with toxic fumes.
Step 2: Start by laying moss in the egg. I used two different types of moss–the green stuff and the white stuff as shown in the picture–so it would add in variety
Step 3: Place in your air plants.
Wouldn’t they make the most lovely host gifts? I would recommend leaving the top off overnight to give it some air.

photography by Trisha Zemp and Brittany Jepsen

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