Caitlin and Tanner’s wedding invitation

Last week my sister’s oversized flower garden wedding was published (see here) and you guys have responded so kindly to it. The wedding really was a huge labor of love especially from my mom and friends who devoted a number of months to creating each bloom. I’m still in awe over how it turned out.
I’m ALSO in awe of the invitations that the bride and groom created themselves. Tanner is a freelance artist and drew the most charming portraits of them in about fifteen minutes (right?!) as well as the lettering. And then Caitlin, a painting major, painted the invitation. They printed it on vellum (the see through kind) and folded it into kraft no-bend mailers along with their engagement photo that they took themselves. It was the ultimate collaboration.

My mom created the boutonniere’s for the groomsmen, above, and Melissa Esplin hand lettered this envelope. Isn’t it gorgeous? She’s such a talent.

invitation by Caitlin Watson Boyes and Tanner Boyes
calligraphy by Melissa Esplin

photography by Trisha Zemp
styling by moi 



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