We’re just coming down from our Midsummer Mingle (check out the hashtag #amidsummermingle to check out all the photos!) and ready to dive back into the last of the Brazilian recipes to celebrate the World Cup*.
If you’ve tried anything Brazilian cuisine-related, it’s very likely you’ve been served pão de queijo, “cheese bread”. I lived in Curitiba, Brazil for a year and a half serving a mission for my church and it was the first thing my partner, or companion, served me. We proceeded to go to the bakery every single day and get a batch. Which possibly explains why I gained two dress sizes…But seriously, Brazilian cheese bread is out of this world and you need to try it. This is a simplified version because it’s actually quite tough to make or so I hear. I don’t bake/cook, but I have wonderful contributors who do!
translation and recipe development by Jenny Thomas
Click below for full recipe!

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