Vincent Van Gogh costume

Continuing on with our Tortured Artist themed Halloween party, we have perhaps the most tortured of them all, Mr. Vincent Van Gogh. He fits in nicely at the dinner party.

Read below for the full costume tutorial and more tortured artist costume ideas!

Although our model is nearly a Vincent Van Gogh lookalike, you don’t have to be for this costume tutorial! This Vincent Van Gogh costume is easy and perfect for the cooler weather around Halloween (who doesn’t want to get cozy in a cardigan for their costume?).

We chose to go in less of the bandaged ear direction and more in the “I paint beautiful flowers” direction. Here’s how to get the look below…

Photography by Alpha Smoot
Make up by Rubie Huber
Costume crafting by Victoria Riza (with her red-bearded husband as Vicent, thanks Jordan!)

DIY Vincent Van Gogh costume


  • Red beard (model’s is natural but try this one and trim it down)
  • White collarless shirt (we used this one)
  • Blue cardigan (we used one from H&M, but you can find a similar one here)
  • Old pipe (we got ours from an antique store, but you can find a similar one here)
  • Straw hat with black band (you can find a similar one here)
  • Sunflowers (try these!)

Makeup tutorial by Rubie Huber

Now you can have a grand old time painting an entire face Van Gogh style, but our model was already basically the spitting image of the painter. So I just added some tiny touches. Using a dark red/orange eyeshadow, swipe some strokes under the cheekbones and on the outside corners of the eyelids. If you don’t have naturally red hair, you can use the red/orange eyeshadow to dust out a beard and eyebrows. Get it wet to create lines.

Van Gogh seemed to really love that blue vein look we often try to cover up under our eyes and in the inner corners, so play it up with some turqoise eyeshadow! Throw on your tortured artist expression and you’re ready to go!

Check out our other Tortured Artist Halloween costumes here!



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