My latest post for the Laura Ashley blog is out and I’m showing how to make envelope liners from wallpaper scraps. I love how they turn an envelope into something delightfully unexpected. And they’re so easy to do! If you’re a snail mailer like me you’ll love this detail.

  • envelopes
  • wallpaper scraps
  • glue stick or adhesive spray
  • scissors
  • pencil

  1. Place your envelope on of the wallpaper.
  2. Trace around the tip of the envelope with a pencil. You do not need to have the wallpaper go to the very bottom of the envelope. Have enough so that it covers the area that will be seen.
  3. Cut it out.
  4. Place the liner inside the envelope. You amy need to trim a bit off on the sides.
  5. Glue the inside of the liner.
  6. Flatten with your hands.

If you make something inspired by something you see here on the blog, show it off! I’d love to see it! Hashtag it with #MakingWithLars

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