New office update and free calendar printable

3M white board wall tiles

I’m slowly inching my way into my new studio space and I won’t go gung ho until there’s a refuge provided by some A/C. Because it’s in an old factory with lots of window, it can feel sauna-esque. But, I did move some crucial office items over and started to set up shop. I partnered with Command Brand to jump start my move. They have a new line of removable wall tiles that flowed perfectly with the direction I was already taking for my office. I use Command nearly every day any way because their removable strip hanging system is perfect for styling photoshoots–no damage done! So, I was thrilled to partner with them on this one. In particular, they have these two white board tiles–one with a frame and the other solid. And again, they are nail-less and work in their damage-free way so there aren’t any nail holes. You can take them down and adjust to your heart’s content. I made a square shaped calendar to fit perfectly inside the framed tile and am providing that calendar as a free download for you today as well!3M white board wall tiles3M wall tiles

Command’s system for hanging the wall tiles is pretty ingenious. See below for the full tutorial on how it works, complete with a little video I made, and to download a free printable calendar.

Photos by Emily Wheeler and Brittany Jepsen

3M white board wall tiles

To show you how they work, I made a little video:

So, first you afix the base, called a riser, to your surface like so. There’s even a little level built in to guide you. Such a relief!
command wall tiles

Then you afix your top artwork, in my case it was this white dry erase board. It’s a magnetic system so it pops right on in. There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfect fit, no? 3M Wall tiles wall calendar

Click here to download the free printable square calendar that fits snugly in this 7.5 square frame in this dry erase frame Command tile.

Command Décor comes in a variety of patterns and artwork, which gives you the freedom to customize arrangements and lets you swap out your art as often as you please without damaging surfaces. Just hang, change and rearrange!

And they are available exclusively online at Prime shipping, folks!

This post is sponsored by 3M Command Brand. Thank you for supporting the brands we love that keep Lars flourishing and providing unique content to you everyday!



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