DIY Paper M​âché ​Vase

Corrie_Hogg_paper_mache_vase8DIY paper mache vase

Recently I went to one of those paint your own pottery places. You know them… they have various bisque fired mugs, plates, and bowls that you glaze and then they fire them for you in the kiln and you pick them up a week or so later. Pottery studios are great fun and I wish I could go every week as it seems I can never truly satisfy my desire for new and different ceramic pieces to style my home or gift to friends. To scratch that itch, this summer, I started crafting paper mâché objects that I can make at home. Most recently this footed vase! It’s been a lot of fun making new shapes and designs ­ styles that can’t be found at the paint­your­own place. You can make one too, all it takes is a few items from your recycling bin. Read on to learn how!

Project and photos by Corrie Beth Hogg

Here is what you need:

● cardboard and newspaper

● flour, water, mixing bowl, and whisk

● hot glue gun and masking tape

● pencil, ruler, and craft knife

● acrylic paint, brushes, and palette

● glass, can, jar, or other vessel

  1. Choose a drinking glass, can, tupperware ­ whatever you’d like to customize ­ and carefully measure it. I used a standard pint glass. Sketch out a square for the bottom and 4 trapezoid shapes for each side and then cut them out. Be sure to add 1⁄4” to all your measurements to allow space for the cardboard and a little wiggle room to slip your glass in and out.
  2. After you have all the pieces cut, assemble and secure in place with masking tape. Take the time to check the fit with your glass! Make any changes if need be.
  3. Add feet! I used aluminum foil. To make the feet all the same size, carefully cut matching squares of the foil and roll ‘em up tight (alternatively, you can use a wood bead). Secure in place with hot glue.
  4. Cover your entire vase with 2 layers of paper mâché, allow drying time in between ­ preferably overnight. Refer back to the paper mâché cake stand DIY to get more detailed instructions.
  5. Once the paper mâché is dry coat your vase with a couple layers of gesso.
  6. Paint your vase anyway you like! Be inspired by ceramics you love ­ it is possible with paper mâché! Paint aubergine stripes like I did (inspired by the incomparable Frances Palmer). Use stamps to make a pattern or for a touch of glam ­ cover your vase in gold leaf. Have fun with this part! After the paint is dry add a layer of mod podge.
  7. Once dry, slip in glass, fill with water and add your favorite blooms! My favorite, dahlias, are in season. Yahoo! DIY paper mache vaseDIY paper mache vase


  1. That was fun! I didn’t put feet on mine and I can’t get out to buy mod podge or gesso. I do have varathane though, and that seems to work rather well. A friend has taken up drawing and I like one that she drew of a graceful fish. I copied that from her web page and used it to decorate the vase. I’m giving it to her as a gift. If there was a way to attach a file I could show you. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.


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