Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus costumes


And we’re back for another parent/child costume, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Dad as the driver and the Pigeon as the kid. Ha! This is one that I was less familiar with as it came out in 2003, but it’s a fan favorite and it’s hilarious so we had to try it out. And see below for the fun accompanying treat bag.

See the full tutorial below! 

To make the pigeon costume

Materials: blue pjs (from Primary in Pool and here), cardboard, blue paint, black paint, paint brushes, ribbons, yellow paint, popsicle stick

  1. Cut out a half circle out of cardboard about 2′ wide.
  2. Paint the wing blue
  3. Paint the rim of the wing blue.
  4. Trace a circle out of cardboard about 10″ in diameter and draw a beak to one side.
  5. Cut the head out.
  6. Paint the head blue with a white circle for the eyeball, yellow beak, black outlines.
  7. Attach ribbons to the bag of the wing with a staple gun to hold the wing in place to the child.


To make the hot dog treat bag (based on the book The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog) 

Materials: tan felt, burgandy felt, cotton binding, glue gun, template

  1. Cut out the pieces of felt using the template here.
  2. Glue the cotton binding to the inside of the felt and glue the two pieces together leaving a gap at the top.


To make the bus driver

Materials: suit (we ordered ours from here), hat (we got ours from here), blue paper, glue gun, cardboard, blue paint in two shades, black paint, ribbon

  1. Cut out a bus shape (a rectangle 4′ wide and 20″ tall.
  2. Paint it blue with lighter blue details and a black outline.
  3. Staple ribbon at the top of the bus to hang around the neck.
  4. Paint the white hat blue with acrylic paint (or dye it)
  5. Cut out a blue triangle out of paper and glue it to the hat.

bus-costume-blue-book bus-costume-adult-blue

Photography by Lindsay Graviet  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour

Costume and illustrations based on the book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems



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