Deciding on costumes from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon was easy squeezy (see here for our Jimmy and the Roots costumes!)  and, of course, Sarah and mir.i.am (aka Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am) had to make their debut in the form of children’s costumes. These two were so much fun! Let’s just say, if you haven’t taken a trip to Claire’s since you were 13, now is your chance!

See below to get the look!

To get the look for Sarah (Jimmy): 

We found a purple dress at the thrift store, hot pink tights (from here), a best friends forever necklace, hot pink nails, floral combat boots (from here), blonde wig (from here)

To get the look for mir.i.am (will.i.am):

H&M is your best friend here. We raided everything with hearts (see here), shiny purple leggings (I can’t find the right ones online, but here’s an alternative), bangles from Claire’s, hot pink purse from H&M (on sale!), hot pink headband from Claire’s, and a headgear made out of wire and wrapped in aluminum and stuck in the headband, glasses from H&M best-friends-necklace jimmy-fallon-and-wil.i.am sarah-ew- sarah-jimmy-fallon-ew wil.i.am-ew-jimmy-fallon

Photos by Lindsay Graviet