DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

advent with wreath

I had the honor of contributing this DIY Christmas bulb advent calendar to the holiday issue of Sister Mag magazine, a German publication from some of my favorite ladies. I’ve contributed before (here (my hair!!!!) and here) and this time I was in the company of a few other artists from around the world with an advent calendar idea.

This one is super easy to make, especially if you have a craft cutting machine, and I love hanging it in our office right now.advent-calendar-light-bulb-7advent-calendar-light-bulb-12

See below for the full tutorial! materials horizontal

  1. Cut out the two templates (the black topper and the colored bottom)
  2. Score the lines indicated with the dotted lines with the craft knife.
  3. Bring the sides together and glue the tab to the inside.
  4. Cut a piece of twine 6″ long and string through the holes at the top and bring all the sides together and tie.
  5. Bend the top tabs outward.
  6. Glue the black paper together and glue to the top of the tabs.
  7. Cut the twine pieces off.
  8. Cut out the numbered flags and punch
  9. String the bulbs together, inserting a numbered flag before the bulb.FULL


Check out the full issue of Sister Mag. 


  1. Hello

    I bought the template for the lovely lightbulb advent calendar, and printed it. The problem is, the template I was sent, was without the top tabs? I’m making two advent calendars, one for my brother and one for my cousin, so I bought paper enough for 48 lightbulbs, and just cut Them ALL out, only to find out, that I can’t finish it now due to the missing top tabs. I have nothing to attach to the Black top part 🙁 i just wasted time and money on this project due to a faulty template, and i don’t have enough paper to start over, which is pretty sad :/

    • A little late, but here’s a possible solution: the string you use to tie the 5 sides together, make it longer. If you leave yourself two long ends after tying the sides together, you can then maybe pass them through the black topper and tie them to the long string that all the bulbs are hanging on. It’s probably not ideal, but better than starting over and wasting all that nice paper.

      You’d also have the bonus advantage that these would suddenly be reusable if you just replace the string. For me, these were A LOT of work to make by hand, so I wanted to make mine in a way that doesn’t use glue to combine the two parts, thus ruining them when you take them down. I used little Velcro dots on the inside of the black toppers and outside of the bulbs, but string can also work.

      Hope you make it work, good luck!


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