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Today’s post is from new Lars contributor, Palolo. Welcome to the team, Palolo!
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just screams family, and, of course, we’re all grateful for family! But what if family is too far away to spend Thanksgiving with? Insert Friendsgiving a fun seasonal tradition to celebrate the family that you make for yourself!
 Since moving across country, I have been especially grateful for good friends. Old ones who stay in touch (and listen to me squeal about how cute east coast squirrels are and how no one here fully appreciates this fact ) and new ones who adopt us into they’re lives and homes. Friends are truly the family you choose, and we’re so excited to get to celebrate this season with them!
To celebrate, I illustrated and designed an invitation, menu card, recipe, and leftovers label, that you can download and print yourself.


Design and photographed by Palolo or here   |  Co-hosted & Styled by Savannah

Download the printables below! 

Here’s the adorable menu card you can customize and print:friendsgiving-invitation-suite-menu-blank-red

The cute recipe card to share with others when they inevitably ask you to spill the beans on your dishes:friendsgiving-invitation-suite-recipe_card attempt

And, of course, every Friendsgiving meal needs a leftovers label that reads: “in the end, all you take with you are memories and leftovers.” Just print it on sticker paper and attach it to a leftovers box.friendsgiving-invitation-suite-leftover_tag-blue
Download the printable Friendsgiving invitation |  Menu card  |  Leftovers label  |  Recipe card  |  All