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One of my goals as I stated in the State of the Blog address, was to focus on my own inspiration and be guided by that in my work and here on the blog. I’ve been trying to think about how to keep myself accountable to that so I’ve decided to bring the inspiration to the blog. It’s something that I used to do a lot more here and, if you went through the archives from like 7 years ago, you’d see it was really my own Pinterest before Pinterest was. Now, with Pinterest for gathering inspiration, Instagram for creating my own photos, Twitter for spitting out nonsense, and Snapchat for acting out nonsense,  the blog has become more of my own big projects and less about my outside inspiration.

SO! I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite things again. It’s really a more casual collection of posts so you can take a look and be inspired too. But, of course, I’m still pinning away over here.

I’ve noticed other bloggers taking it back to the roots of their blog. I enjoyed hearing what Bri Emery had to say about it too (you can read about it here) and I think it’s this more casual tone that creates more conversation and opens it up more to our community of readers. I’m digging it!2b6d30d940b51cc2ac25d6315e252b2f

This is one of my favorite bedrooms as of late. Love the black and white against the colors. Image from here0b77fb01e9abd4a120e1110db6588119

Rats! Someone bought it before I could! 🙁 Image from hereIMG_8370

This collection blew my mind. Image from hereaf0f52837e4e7b34d2c117328cfb2cf7Image from here.7b20e8ed66428c00bae4cdb59d69e24e

Image from here414ed6f3d7351b739a9c3305110cbe36

The work of Amy Blackwellae32593128902e6127a1b31275127cb6

The work of Tiff ManuellDLF-12

Image from here (and available as a desktop wallpaper!LJ_5503

Image from here 


Top image from here   |   Second image from here



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