Balloon heart tutorial

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I hope you had a weekend full of goodness. Me? Oh, I put together 7 hours of Ikea furniture, mopped the studio, then picked out some plants that I hopefully won’t kill. FINGERS CROSSED!

For your holiday weekend, here are my top links for the weekend:

These sugar flowers are beyond

Oh Joy released her new line of products at Target and they are adorable! 

Ok Go’s new one take video is amazing as always (and the behind the scenes is just as fascinating!)

A peek inside artist Louise Bourgeois’ NYC apartment 

You can now switch/toggle bewtween multiple accounts on instagram-FINALLY 
This will be so gorgeous. Can’t wait for the issue! 
Did you watch the Super Bowl for the ads? Here’s a recap
Some great book recomendations
Bringing pink into your home
I’m not a parent yet but I loved this post about parenting