Leaf Instructions:
1. Cut a 4 inch piece of floral wire.
2. Cut a 2.5 inch strip of green crepe paper against the grain (meaning you will cut across the linear ridges of the crepe paper). Stretch the strip out a bit. Cut the strip into 1.5 inch sections. Layer 3-4 of these rectangles and cut out a leaf shape. The long dimension of the leaf should be going with the grain (meaning the linear ridges of the crepe paper will be going in the same direction as the longer dimension of the leaf).
3. Run a strip of hot glue from tip to tip of your leaf. Secure the 4 inch piece of floral wire along this glue to give the leaf structure and a stem.
4. Repeat process to create about 45 leaves.
5. Paint patterns on some of your leaves and allow to dry (optional).
 See the next page for the bud instructions 
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