Day 23: How to draw a ranunculus & giveaway!

how to draw a ranunculus


Day 22 of the #LarsFlowerChallenge. Haven’t joined in? That’s ranunculus…hardy har har. That might be my favorite joke of them all and I’ve definitely incorporated it into my daily vocabulary. These pretty, lusciously layered beauties are some of my favorites, especially in my garden. Learn how to draw the ranunculus today on the challenge!

AND! A giveaway! We’ve had over 600 drawings submitted to the challenge (!) and now it’s time to rev it up for the finale. For the last few days of the 31 day challenge we’re hosting a giveaway. For every drawing you submit on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) AND subscribing to our YouTube channel, you are entered into a giveaway to win a $200 gift card to the online art supply store, DickBlick, one of my favorite go-to sources for art supplies. So! Step it up and get drawing!

Contest ends June 2nd. 



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