As you are probably aware by now, gardening has become a full on obsession of mine! I think of my flowers as my children and think of their watering times and when they need to be put to bed, how they’ll grow up to be effective citizens…ok, maybe not that bad, but my garden has become a main priority to me. I’ve found some beautiful fellow gardeners on Instagram who I find to offer helpful gardening resources as well as inspiring gardens, plants, vessels, or ways of living with plants and celebrating them.

I’m sure I’ve missed some as well. Are there any you think I should know about? See the full list below! 

Gardeners to follow on Instagram

Potter Frances Palmer lives a beautiful botanical life. She oftentimes displays her beautiful vessels by arranging flowers straight from her garden. Her work is so inspiring! I have a Frances Palmer vessel on my wishlist.

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Gardeners to follow on Instagram

I’ve been following The Sill for awhile and love how they show how to incorporate plants into your home. They often feature beautiful vessels and plant and gardening makers.

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Gardeners to follow on Instagram

I first met dollamker Juliane in Berlin at the first bloggers conference in Europe. She looked as if she had walked straight out of the 40s and I loved everything about her. She lives in the south of Sweden and during the summer months works on her #BouquetaDay series. She scours the countryside and collects the most gorgeous bouquets. Dreamy!

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gardener round up on insta

You cannot have a favorite gardener’s list and not have @FloretFlower on it! I first discovered Erin Benzakein’s work at Martha Stewart’s Made in America conference two years ago. She and her family grow the flowers and she holds floral design workshops in Seattle. She’s constantly putting up the most gorgeous floral inspirations.

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Gardeners to follow on Instagram

Gardenista is a wonderful resource for cultivating a botanical life complete with helpful tips and gorgeous inspiration.

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Gardeners to follow on Instagram

Forage Sundry is a kitchen and garden shop in NY that features gorgeous garden inspiration and products.

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Gardeners to follow on Insta

Judith de Graaff of @JoelixJoelix is a Dutch graphic design living in Paris who is one of the founders of @UrbanJungleBlog. Her plant-based life is one I aspire to live!

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Gardeners to follow on Instagram

The Plant Library is a place to rent plants! Life changed! I’m constantly looking for plants for a shoot and wish I had this resource nearby. This would be great for weddings and other events.

Follow @ThePlantLibrary on Instagram heregardeners to follow on instagram

Terrain is my mecca. It is the most gorgeous gardener’s supply company for the flower lover and provides loads of inspiration. I’ve been fortunate to sell some of my paper flowers and stationery there. I love everything they do! I even bought my birthday present there this year (a set of these chairs. SWOON!)

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What are your favorite gardeners and plant lovers to follow?