I hate to be the one who has to bring it up. Back to school. Cringe! Or maybe you love school, in which case, hooray! Well, regardless of your feelings, I can always get behind beatiful school supplies. This week I’ve rounded up 9 gorgeous school/office supplies accounts to follow on Instagram. Because you always need a beautiful pencil in your feed!


Bureau Direct sells a beautifully curated collection of supplies and their feed showcases these items.

Follow @bureaudirect on Instagram here.


CW Pencil Enterprise is just that, pencils! Follow for collections of all types of pencils and colors. Such a fun feed to follow!

Follow @cwpencilenterprise on Instagram here.


Did you know that office supplies can be sexy? They can! And Blackwing proves it.

Follow @blackwing on Instagram here.


Send More Mail sells curated collections of postage stamps. Plus, their feed is like a little lesson into their history.

Follow @send_more_mail on Instagram here.

poppin 1

Poppin sells beautiful and bright office supplies. I go here for props for the studio.

Follow @poppin on Instagram here.


Rad and Hungry is a monthly subscription based office supply company. If you REALLY love office supplies, get them delivered to your door every month!

Follow @radandhungry on Instagram here.


Leuchtturm 1917

Follow @leuchtturm1917 on Instagram here.

present-and-correct 1

Present and Correct is the beacon of beautifully displayed office supplies. I’ve been following them for years (and on Pinterest too) because they take the most gorgeous photos of perfectly aligned historical office supplies. They set the bar. Plus! You can buy it all!

Follow @presentandcorrect on Instagram here.


Field Notes sells beautiful notebooks and can be found it nearly every beautiful store I enter.

Follow @fieldnotesbrand on Instagram here.

What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear! 

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