DIY Scandinavian paper mobile

Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
by Lars contributor Kathryn Godwin of Studio Cultivate 
The bloom of color and flowers from Spring to Summer is just magical, if you take time to really watch it. Combined with the whimsy that any hanging element brings to a room, I was interested in exploring bringing the two together. I’ve long been inspired by the mobiles of Kiki Smith and Alexander Calder, from their lightness, balance and use of color. I wanted to create a mobile that combined Scandinavian floral patterns with the simple beauty of mobiles.
Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile

scandinavian-paper-mobile-9Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobileScandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile


  • white cloth covered floral wire
  • white thread
  • needle
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • needle nose pliers
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • printed template
  • mulberry or tracing paper
  • elmer’s glue
  • cup
  • water
  • 1/4 inch wood dowel
  • template (download here)
1. Clip floral wire to length provided on template.step-1
2. Use template as stencil to shape wire. Gentle pinches every few millimeters allows for soft curves, folding around a finger creates a more severe curve, and pinching around a needle nose plier creates a sharp point for a leaf. step-1
3. After following the shape of a leaf or flower on the template, wrap the wire around itself to complete and close shape.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
4. Tear pieces of paper to 1 inch squares and strips. Variations of torn shape will allow for flexibility in covering the wire shapes.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
5. Make a half and half mix of water and elmer’s glue, and stir together.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
6. Dip paper into glue mix, wipe off excess. Lay over wire shape, gently fold around wire, covering completely.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
7. Set aside to dry for a few hours.
8. Grab your favorite acrylic paints, add some water for a softer watercolor effect, or use straight paint for an opaque treatment. Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
9. Thread a sharp needle, double thread and knot at the end. Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
10. Punch needle through paper of first petal and pull through completely, tying thread in a loop to suspend. Then pull string through the next piece to suspend petal from, allowing an inch or two of string between, knot and trim.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
11. Shapes can be played out to vary composition and personalize scale and quantity preferred.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
12. Cut two wood dowel pieces to 18 inches in length, tie together at middle sections to create an X.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobile
13. Tie petal and leaf tendrils to dowels. To balance out the X if it hangs crooked, just slide the tendrils side to side until the dowels level out.Scandinavian Paper mache flower mobileScandinavian Paper mache flower mobileScandinavian Paper mache flower mobile



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