Paint your roller skates

If you follow along on Snapchat or Instastories you’ll have noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time on the roller rink. Paul took up skating earlier this year and I’ve started to accompany him on his weekly rolling adventures (sometimes 3 times per week! ha!). I haven’t progressed much, but Paul has become really good. Like, really good. You just gotta follow along to see what it’s all about. Paul got some really good skates as a present earlier this year and I was going to wait to see if I was going to invest as much tim in skating as him to know if I should buy some skates, but I recently came across some skates at a used sporting goods shop for $9 so yeah, I made the big investment. They were white, leather, and classic, but I thought they could use a little makeover.

I’ve been noticing getting into the skating vibe too recently and I was inspired by their vibe to go a bit more girly and went with a fun blush pink and white topped with a pom pom of course.DIY paint your roller skatesDIY paint your roller skatesDIY paint your roller skatesroller-skatesDIY paint your roller skates

Learn how to paint your leather skates