DIY Paper Swiss Cheese Plant

paper plant tutorial

paper plant tutorial

by Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY

Let the paper plant crafting party continue! Today I am showing you the swiss cheese plant also known as monstera obliqua. She is kinda like the darling daughter of everyone’s favorite – the monstera deliciosa! (We’re working up to the deliciosa!) What’s not to like about a plant named for cheese? Anyhow, I’ve had so much fun sharing with y’all some of my best-loved plants made from paper! You can find ‘em here! And, I’m honored to share another one today! Read on to learn how to make a paper swiss cheese plant!!

paper plant tutorialMaterials:


  1. Divide your paper into quarters and cut out the leaf shape. Add a length of wire with hot glue along the center.paper plant tutorial
  2. Use the glue stick to add a strip of tissue paper to your leaf to cover the wire and hot glue.paper plant tutorial
  3. Cut out several oblique ovals along each side of the leaf.paper plant tutorial
  4. Add a little shape and variety to the leaves, but folding the paper and bending the wire.paper plant tutorial
  5. Make a baby leaf. Cut a smaller leaf and twist it around the end of wire and secure with hot glue. Tear a small piece of brown paper (it can be just a brown paper bag), secure with hot glue as well and finish off with green corsage tape.paper plant tutorial
  6. Using the corsage tape, secure the wires together to make a vine and add a small piece of brown paper to each connection.paper plant tutorial
  7. Prep your pot with foam and gravel.paper plant tutorial
  8. Assemble your plant! Tah-dah, you’re done!paper plant tutorialpaper plant tutorialpaper plant tutorialProject and photography by Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY 



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