Cactus Coloring Book

Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen

It’s out! The Lars Cactus Coloring Book is out now! After the success of the Flowers Coloring Book, we had to follow¬†it up with something a little more prickly and succ-y ūüôā and that would be cacti and succulents, no?!

Cactus Coloring Book¬†is¬†60 pages of 10 different cacti and succulents that include scientific charts, patterns, and symmetrical patterns (I call them folk¬†symmetricals). I’ve found them to be great learning resources as well as a true meditative form of relaxation. If you think this coloring book for adults trend is hogwash you probably haven’t done it. It seriously clears your mind and allows you to escape into another world. And ours is good because there’s something for every skill level. Large close-ups of the plants where you can do larger coloring (for little ones) and smaller more detailed patterns for those with more skills. That said, I find that a mix of skill sets is great depending on what type of mood you are in. Sometimes you just don’t want to worry about being precise and sometimes it’s fun, you know?!
Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany JepsenWe’ll be coming out with some coloring kits that you can buy for the holidays, but for now, the coloring book is available on Amazon. And feel free to leave a review on Amazon to tell me what you think!¬†Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen

And…All locals! You must have seen the Cactus Coloring book party we’re holding next week. Every person who attends will receive a coloring book, a rad grab bag, treats, entertainment, and two workshops, one with special guest, Alana Jones-Mann, the other me (you’re stuck with me!), and lastly, a garden tour by succulent expert, Cassidy Tuttle.

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Photography by Anna Killian



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