Make a Valentine from a library card

Just the other day we were having a conversation at the studio about getting hit on at the library. The Lars studio is located quite close to Brigham Young University, my Alma Mater. It’s a beautiful campus, and I still visit the library often to read and write without distraction (look at my recent Instastories for more insights). I always choose the same spot to go and study: fifth floor, tucked away in a cubby against the wall, with a window. The window is a crucial component. There are other areas in the library where students go to socialize, be seen, and consequently, flirt up a storm.

So when I was asked if I ever get hit on at the library, I realized: I have never once been hit on while at the library in all my years of schooling. Not a one! I pondered over whether I should be offended or not, but soon decided on the later. I wouldn’t have traded my cozy, secluded, natural light-flooded cubical for anything. That being said, love can be found anywhere, even the library! So we decided to have a little fun and make some embroidered library card valentines! Knot & Bow provided us with these adorable library cards in beautiful colors that worked perfectly! Add a cheeky pun (I’m checking you out… 😉 and you’ll have a library date in no time!

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Embroidered Library Card ValentinesEmbroidered Library Card Valentines

Embroidered Library Card Valentines

Embroidered Library Card Valentines



  1. Sketch out your design on the library card. We did a heart, lips, and an eye.
  2. Take a needle and poke holes around the sketches to create a template to use when you embroider. Erase the sketch lines
  3. Thread the needle with embroidery floss and embroider into the punctured holes. We used a running stitch and a chain stitch.
  4. Write your puns on the cards! We chose: “Library Date?” “I’m checking you out…” and “Let’s start our love story…”

Embroidered Library Card Valentines

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young