Paper Carrot Treat Box

Paper Carrot Treat Box

In the church I attend, we are encouraged to befriend others in our congregation by going on monthly visits, sharing a message of hope, and just taking time to show love. It is an initiative that I can definitely get behind. Additionally, I’m a big fan of showing love through gifts and service so I often share treats with friends and neighbors for holidays or just for fun! This Easter, I wanted something simple and festive that I could easily throw together and deliver. There is nothing better than a handful of Cadbury eggs this time of year (did you hear they have a cookies and cream version!), and tucked inside a printable paper carrot treat box? The Easter bunny has nothing on you.

Paper Carrot Treat Box

Paper Carrot Treat Box

Carrot Box template download HERE


  • 12X12″ pieces of cardstock in shades of orange
  • Orange and green acrylic paint. We used various shades of both
  • 1″ strips of crepe paper in shades of green
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Glue stick
  • Paper grass for filler
  • Cadbury eggs or other sweet treat

Paper Carrot Treat Box


  1. Cut out carrot templates with your die cut machine or by hand
  2. Paint on horizontal stripes with paint to resemble carrot lines
  3. Score lines with an Exacto knife to facilitate folding and create folds
  4. Fill each box with grass and goodies and the glue shut
  5. On the strips of crepe paper, use green paint to texturize them
  6. Curl the crepe paper and cut ends at a slant
  7. Insert 3 pieces into the holes at the top of the carrot and twist to secure.

Paper Carrot Treat Box

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young



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