Favorite embroidery artists to follow on Instagram

Lars favorite embroidery artists to follow on InstagramIn light of our recent Ultimate Guide to Embroidery, we figured it would be a good time to flood you with some beautiful inspiration! Lars’ Favorite Embroidery Artists is chalk-full of jaw-dropping talent, each artist with their own unique style. Study the guide first, then take a look at their work, and try to identify some of the stitches.  You’ll find that some consistently use only a few stitches, and others quite the variety. Either way, fill up with inspiration and then dive right into stitching! All you need is a needle and thread, some Netflix, and popcorn, and you’re set for a Friday night! Who says we’re not party animals?

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Lars’ Favorite Embroidery Artists

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Coral & Tusk

All of her designs are so intricate and quirky! There is a daintiness about her work that intrigues me. I want everything she makes!

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Sarah K Benning 

I love the bold foliage Sarah creates. The embroidery is almost as lush as a real plant! She sells her artwork as well as patterns on her Etsy shop

Lars' Favorite Embroidery ArtistsLars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Yumiko Higuchi 

The earthy tones of this artist are so lovely and comforting. Everything has a softness about it.

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Chloe Giordano

Chloe is a genius with animal embroidery! They way she can capture the likeness of fur with color and stitches is unreal.

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Slow Stich Sophie 

I love the abstract quality of her stitches. It’s foliage done in a new and fresh way

Lars' Favorite Embroidery Artists

Brannon Addison

Such an array of bright and happy flowers! All of the stitches she uses are very simple, the key is in the repetition. You can’t look at her work and not smile!

Need a New Needle

I’ve loved the work of Need a New Needle for a number of years now. I even ordered this dress but it was a bit snug for me. It’s all hand embroidered in Bangkok and so quirky, fun!

I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. Who are your favorites?? I’d love to expand my list! Note: our comments are not working right now, please email me at brittany [at] thehousethatlarsbuilt dot com


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