Favorite clogs for summer When I was a kid I dreamt of owning a pair of red clogs with flowers painted on them. As luck would have it, I found a perfect pair at an outlet when I was a teenager. Sadly, I’ve since misplaced them. In the meanwhile, clogs have made a comeback, so they are now easier to find. I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple of pairs here and there at flea markets and now you can also easily find them online. I’ve gathered up a list of some of my favorite styles, so you too can pretend you’re living in Scandinavia. From neutral leather to metallic, you’ll be sure to find a style that fits your fancy. We’ve chosen a few from our favorite clog shops and added a few others to round out the pack.

  1. Hot pink from Swedish Hasbeens
  2. Red boots from Swedish Hasbeens 
  3. Deep wine from from Swedish Hasbeens 
  4. Orange platform mules from Swedish Hasbeens 
  5. Yellow braided clogs from Swedish Hasbeens 
  6. Natural buckle clogs from Swedish Hasbeens 
  7. Burgundy from Swedish Hasbeens 
  8. Dark red from Sandgrens
  9. Red buckles from Swedish Hasbeens 
  10. Orange from Lotta of Stockholm
  11. Natural slip ons from Sandgrens
  12. Mustard from Bryr (they have the prettiest shades right now!)
  13. Yellow braided from Swedish Hasbeens 
  14. Two toned yellow from Lotta of Stockholm
  15. Natural ankle strap from Sven Clogs
  16. Brown cross mules from Bryr
  17. Green from Swedish Hasbeens 
  18. Baby blue from Lotta of Stockholm
  19. Navy from Sandgrens
  20. Two toned blue from Lotta of Stockholm
  21. Dark blue from Swedish Hasbeens 
  22. Black from Bryr
  23. Natural from Bryr
  24. Tan from Bryr
  25. Not technically a clog, but I do love the simple wood shape from Nisolo’s new wedge sandal
  26. Gold from Swedish Hasbeens 
  27. Silver platform velcro from Swedish Hasbeens 
  28. Grey cut outs from Swedish Hasbeens 
  29. Black buckles from Swedish Hasbeens 
  30. Navy from Swedish Hasbeens 
  31. Green from Swedish Hasbeens 
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