Lars’ Favorite wallpapers and a sneak peek of the book!

Best wallpapers

One of our top posts of all-time is our Guide to Where to Buy Wallpapers and I’m so glad because it’s a post I spent a long time creating. It’s meant to be helpful for when you’re selecting your own–personally, I cannot wait for that day! It can be rather hard to come across the good stuff. Wallpaper is one of my favorite design elements for a home and something I dream about nearly every day so when I was making preparations for our book, I focused a lot on selecting the right ones for the feeling we were going for. I thought it would be helpful once again to see where we sourced the wallpapers we chose for the book, so consider this both a #sneakpeek and a #helpfulguide.

Continue to see the full list of our top wallpaper resources!

Lars’ Favorite Wallpapers

  1. Laura Ashley‘s Fernshaw Cranberry was perfect for a Swedish meadow scene we made for our one of our projects. Gah! I can’t even wait for you to see it. Just typing these words gets be really revved up!
  2. Rifle Paper’s Peony print from Hygge and West in persimmon is so so pretty. It’s the perfect shade of red/orange. I tried so hard to work it into the book, but it was just a little too much for what we needed. I can’t wait to use it for something else! I think it would be adorable in a bathroom.
  3. Sandberg Wallpaper was kind enough to send us a wide variety of options. We used one of them for a wall and it looks perfect. Dazzling even.
  4. Sandberg once again
  5. Rice. Ok, this one isn’t a wallpaper but a gift wrap from Rice, which has a lovely subtle lemon pattern.
  6. The Laura Ashley again
  7. Clever Spaces. The grid wallpaper from Clever Spaces (or Ferm Living’s US distributor) is a lovely neutral

Best wallpapers

8. Rebel Walls has some really wonderful textures for like this tile print. You can even customize your own wallpaper!
9.Knot and Bow. This is gift wrap that we didn’t end up using for the book, but I’ve found myself using it for a number of other things. It’s a perfect windowpane grid. Simple black and white from Knot and Bow.
10. Meri Meri is my favorite source for rad party goods. They’ve come out with more and more home decor and party products like this assortment of gift sheet pages. We used a ton of Meri Meri products for the book. They were a delight to work with.
11.Engelska Tapetmagasinet. Are you noticing this watercolor textured wallpaper that looks like it’s in the background? It’s so so beautiful! We were lucky to snag it from the most amazing store in Sweden called Engelska Tapetmagasinet. They have the best collections of wallpaper in the world. Hands down. They carry all the best brands. This particular one is called “Wallpaper Big Smile” by Jessica Zoob for Black Edition by Romo. We shot the project first without any wallpaper and I was sitting on it and it just didn’t feel right so we ended up finding this paper, which was perfect, reshooting the project, and it took on a new life. I love the way it turned out and I can’t wait for you to see the wallpaper in the book. It’s gorgeous. It’s a perfect blend of texture and ethereal, and delicate.

Best wallpapers

12. Juju Papers. We used the Pascal gold on cream for one of our close up shots and the project felt so refined. It’a gorgeous gold leaf window pane on cream. Like buttah.
13. Justina Blakeney for Hygge and West. These two leaf patterns are some of my very favorite going on right now by Justina Blakeney for Hygge and West. Justina’s patterns create so much dimension. We used ours in a model shot and it’s soooo good.
14. Julia Rothman for Hygge and West. I tried so hard to get this in the book, but it just didn’t work. Rats! It’s just so delightfully whimsical.Best wallpapers

15. Calico Wallpapers. Ok, take note of this one. Calico Wallpapers. This is for a more serious yet still beautiful palette. Their designs and textures will know your socks off. We used them for a more dramatic looking project. Best wallpapers

All the samples from Hygge and West!

Ok! Those are the sneak peeks for now! Continue to follow along as I’m sure I’ll slip up and reveal more and more 🙂

What are YOUR favorite wallpapers?! 

Photography by Anna Killian for The House That Lars Built 


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