In the Company of Women Book Artwork

In The company of Women book art

Hello readers! Have you enjoyed In The Company of Women? From the comments we’ve received on @larsbookclub, many of these women entrepreneurs and makers inspire you! Tell us why! Here are some questions to discuss, further fun reading suggestions, and of course, enjoy this month’s book artwork by featured illustrator, Libby VanderPloeg, which just may be my favorite to date. Isn’t it great?!   In The company of Women book art

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In The company of Women book art

In The company of Women book art

1. In the last paragraph of the book’s intro, Grace Bonney writes, “While each woman’s story is unique, their messages are universal. They’ve overcome adversity, gone great distances on their own, and learned the power of working together to achieve their goals.” Did you connect with any of these women in particular? How has she/they inspired you to achieve your own goals?
2. Why do you think women are more likely to run a business if they have the support of other women around them? Why is this support system so important? How can we expand and strengthen it for women all over the world??

3. Do you currently run your own business? Create products? Write books? How would you answer the questions posed to the women in this book: ie. Best piece of business advice you were given; What success means to you; Personal traits that you’re proud of; How you build yourself up in moments of doubt; etc… Please share!

In The company of Women book art

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In The company of Women book art


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