I did a study abroad program to Europe with my art history program in college. At a quaint market in Paris, I found a lovely catch-all made from a mustard-colored floral fabric that I gave to my mother that’s been sitting on our coffee table holding our dinner napkins ever since. I’ve always loved how such a small piece of lovely fabric makes such a big impact and I found it to be a great way to use up fabric while maintaining organization. I’ve been wanting to make one for myself ever since and finally bucked up to do it. So follow along to create your own DIY catch all!

I found some lovely fabric from our local fabric and craft store and a complementary solid and Becca, our resident sewing-guru, got to work with an easy method for assembly. Take a look at the instructions below! How to make a catch all

DIY Catch All


  • fabric of your choice
  • complementary fabric of your choice
  • fusible interfacing
  • sewing machine
  • pins


  1. To begin, decide how large you want your catch-all to be. We chose three sizes: 6″, 8″, and 12″. Keep in mind that the end size of the catch-all will be about 1-2″ smaller to compensate for seam allowances and the sides.
  2. Cut your two fabrics the same size square.
  3. Cut two squares of interfacing 1/2″ smaller than your fabric squares.
  4. Apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric with an iron.
  5. Pin the fabric squares, now fused with the interfacing, with right sides together.
  6. Using 1/4″ seam allowance, sew along the sides of the squares, leaving a hole so you can flip it right-side out. Backstitch at the beginning and the end.
  7. Flip your fabrics right side out through the hole you left. Maneuver the fabric so it lays flat and the corners are all sharp. Iron flat.
  8. Iron under the edges of the hole you left so they align well with the sides and topstitch an 1/8″ from the edge.
  9.  For each corner, fold the corner in half and sew a line perpendicular to the edge, creating a 45-degree angle. Backstitch at the start and end. Repeat with all corners.

How to make a catch all

How to make a catch allHow to make a catch all

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Rebecca Hansen