Chanel Inspired Tablescape

Chanel Inspired TablescapeMany of you probably remember the Chanel Couture Spring 2015 Runway show. I talked all about it HERE because I was so mesmerized by it! Never mind the actual clothing, all of which was impeccable, by the way, I was so captured by the magical paper garden. It began white, but once watered by the “gardener,” bloomed into beautiful watercolored flowers. I’m telling you, it was magical! I have wanted to create something in the same vein ever since I saw the show. We decided to design a simple tablescape inspired by the white and watercolored paper garden used in the Chanel show. Complete with gorgeous dinnerware, glasses, and flatware, this Chanel inspired tablescape is a beautiful table for a baby or bridal shower or just a lovely dinner party with friends. The watercolor flowers are a whimsical touch to any setting, and really fun to create!

Chanel Inspired Tablescape

Get the free templates and shop the look below!

Chanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired Tablescape

Chanel Inspired Tablescape

Chanel Inspired Tablescape

Download the templates here


Chanel Inspired Tablescape


  1. Using the templates provided, cut out leaves from white cardstock.
  2. Hot glue lollipop sticks onto the backs of the leaves.
  3. Using templates, cut out the flower pieces from the watercolor paper.
  4. Watercolor the flower pieces and hot glue them together.
  5. Stick lollipop leaves into styrofoam bases and place in the center of the table. Arrange flowers around the foliage.

Chanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired Tablescape


Chanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired TablescapeChanel Inspired Tablescape

Shop the look: White plates, watercolor side plates, glasses, flatware

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen


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