Lars’ Favorite Laptop Covers

Best laptop cases and coversIt’s that time of year when the stores are packed with new school supplies, fall clothes are starting to fill the catalogs, and the leaves are just barely starting to turn. We have mixed emotions about this whole fall thing, but we’re trying to embrace certain aspects of it. Insert: Back to school shopping. Although many of the Lars Team are finished with school, we often have college interns returning for fall semester. Perhaps you’re taking a few courses yourself, or have kids starting soon. Whatever your situation, this time of year everyone is allowed some “back to school shopping.” A little retail therapy is always a great way to transition to a new season. We’re covering laptop covers today, to ensure your tech accessories are in tip-top shape. Whether you’re at the library, the office, or working from home, it’s always nice to personalize and protect your laptop in a pretty case.

See the complete list below! 

Best laptop cases and covers

Lars’ Favorite Laptop covers and cases

1. Leather with front tie

2. Neon Granite

3. Orange lemon and leaf

4. Black and White grid

5.Velvet Peony

6. Similar, here

7. Blue Floral

8. Dalmatian Dots

9. Summer Confetti

10. Boho Floral

11. Hustle

12. Similar, HERE

13. Sunshine and Stripes

14. Blue Peony

15. Painted Flowers

17. Flower and Foliage

16. Vertical Garden

18. Watermelon

Have you seen some laptop covers that you’ve loved? I love keeping tabs on them. Send them my way! 


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