You guys! If you’re not following over on Instagram (@houselarsbuilt), then you’re missing out on pertinent information, like HOW I DELIVERED A HUMAN! Probably my ultimate DIY project 😉 His name is Jasper Bradshaw Jepsen and he’s perfect. He arrived January 29th, 8 pounds 11 ounces and 18 inches.

Listen, I’m too tired right now to talk about how over the moon we are about his arrival and how I can’t stop looking at him and how he has probably none of my features (ha!), but believe you me, I have much to say about it. In fact, I wasn’t planning on giving you a birth story–I like to keep private things private–but it’s just too good not to share. I’ve decided to write about it after all, mostly as a way for me to process what happened, because the labor/delivery certainly didn’t turn out as we had planned. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, lucky me has a wonderful team who has been keeping everything running smoothly so I can take some time to adjust into motherhood. That said, I’ll be popping in every now and again to say hello. In fact, we have a fun post set for tomorrow introducing a little project for him where he’ll be making a cameo.

As to not bombard you with endless pictures of Baby Boy, I’ve started another Instagram account to share more personal photos. You can follow me over at @brittanyjepsen for a closer look.

Ok! That’s it for now, but don’t you worry, more deets on the way!