In June I headed to my hometown of San Clemente, California, for a book signing at Missy’s on Del Mar. Have you been to San Clemente? It’s a low-key beach town in Southern Orange County. Whereas Laguna Beach is a bit more schamltzy, San Clemente is a more understatedĀ surfer’s town. And Del Mar street is the a charming shopping street. If you’re gonna go to San Clemente, this is on the top 3 things of things to do! As you can see from my exquisite tan, I was raised in paradise šŸ˜‰ (read: I haven’t lived there since high school hence why I’m pasty white)

Missy went above and beyond the call of duty by making a ton of projects from the book, even installing a balloon arch. Come take a look through all the photos to see all the great details. It really was so so dreamy. Plus, I LOVED seeing so many of my old dear friends who I don’t get to see very often.

Jasper accompanied me, as always, and he was once again, the star of the show.

WeĀ held a shower for my sister, Caitlin, earlier that day (see all the pics here).

She had rainbow donuts made because they were celebrating their two year anniversary.Ā 

Also, custom cotton candy!!!! She’s insane!

She carries the best of the best products. I could have come away with so many adorable items.

And flowers in every shade of the rainbow.

So many photos! Thank you to Elise Capener for snapping the shots.