Are you familiar with Trompe-l’oeil? It means “deceive the eye” in French for those linguists out there. It’s a technique that makes a painting or design appear three-dimensional through optical illusion. The technique originated in the Baroque period and it’s still going strong today! When brainstorming our second T-shirt (If you missed our Matisse T-shirt line, make sure you check it out), we wanted to create whimsical Trompe-l’oeil-inspired designs, and that’s what the ‘Fooled Ya! T-Shirt Collection’ is all about! No need to add too many additional accessories because these shirts include them for you, Take a look at all the designs and let us know which one is your favorite!

Take a look at all the styles and download the templates to make your own!

Pocket full of Posies:

Foil Iron-on in Light Gold

Shop the Look:

  1. earrings
  2. shirt
  3. skirt (on sale right now!)
  4. loafers

Pearls a plenty:

SportFlex Iron-on in Fluorescent Yellow

Shop the Look:

  1. t-shirt
  2. earrings
  3. jeans
  4. shoes

Head to Bow:

SportFlex Iron-on in Fluorescent Orange

Shop the Look:

  1. Earrings
  2. T-shirt
  3. corduroy pants
  4. loafers

Speckled Scarf 1:

-Everyday Iron-on in Pink-BlushRedSky Blue

Shop the Look:

  1. Earrings
  2. long sleeve t-shirt
  3. denim skirt
  4. tweed boots

Speckled Scarf 2:

-Everyday Iron-on in Lilac, Fluorescent Pink, Teal

Shop the look

  1. t-shirt
  2. leopard pants
  3. shoes

Everything Else


  1. If you need to adjust the dimensions click Customize to open the project canvas. Resize the image in the Edit tab before clicking Make It.


  1. Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut the images from the iron-on.
  2. Make sure to use the correct setting for the materials being cut.

Remember! When cutting iron-on be sure to click ‘mirror’ for each iron-on layer before cutting.


  1. Use a weeder tool to remove the negative spaces from the iron-on liner. Leave the pieces of the design on the plastic backer.
  2. Apply the iron-on to your project using a Cricut EasyPress™, or an iron and a press cloth.
  3. Preheat the area of the shirt where design is being placed.
  4. Align and place the design on shirt and heat for the designated time, turn shirt over and heat the back side briefly.
  5. Wait for liner and shirt to cool then slowly peel away from the shirt.

Voila! Your wardrobe just got a major facelift.

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Photography by Jane Merritt | Modeling by Tiffany Blake

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.