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Shop + Style + Wedding / Friday, 25 May 2018

Royal Wedding Mood Board

Royal Wedding Mood Board-2866

Was anyone else inspired by the Royal Wedding this past weekend? Honestly, I’m sad it’s over! We won’t have another royal wedding for a long time! Although there were elements of the wedding I would have altered (not about the small bouquet trend–more is more!), I thought it was breathtaking in its entirety! To keep the fun going a little bit longer, we put together a Royal Wedding Mood Board inspired by the special day of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Aubrey Hepburn, lush foliage and English Gardens, and a muted palette create a beautifully timeless wedding. We also put together a lookbook for the wedding, complete with everything you need to put together a royal-inspired wedding! What was your favorite part of the wedding? We want to know!

Shop all the elements of the Royal Wedding!

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Life + Party / Friday, 18 May 2018

This Girl: Royal Wedding Edition

Royal Wedding Edition

Image via Bon Appetite

Are you going to be watching the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tomorrow? Coverage starts at the crack of dawn here in the US–5:00 a.m! Anyone setting their alarm clocks? I’m reminiscing about the last Royal Wedding when I was actually among the spectators! But if you’re celebrating in the comfort of your own home, we’ve put together a This Girl: Royal Wedding Edition. It’s a compilation of things that will make your Royal Wedding experience the best one possible. What to make, what to wear, what to buy–we’re covering it all! And make sure to check our new online shop to see all our Royal Wedding goodies!

Royal Wedding here we come!

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Design + Life / Thursday, 17 May 2018

Introducing: Royal Wedding Collection

Royal wedding commemorative souvenirs

Check out our new Online Shop! 

In 2011 I boarded a plane from Copenhagen, Denmark to London to attend the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I grew up with a very sure knowledge that I was going to marry Prince William one day but after realizing that the dream might have been a little skewed, I figured if you don’t marry royalty, at least you can attend their wedding! In preparation for the big day, I designed a line of commemorative goods to sell at a rented booth on Portobello Road and on my online shop. It was an amazing experience and one of my very first business endeavors at Lars!Royal wedding commemorative stationery set

I received such a wonderful response to that first line of royal wedding products (here!)  that I knew I had to do another in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Without further ado, I introduce The Royal Wedding Collection! These royal weddings are the fairytales of our time and I wanted to help everyone remember this special occasion. This collection also kicks off the opening of our new online shop! I invite you to go explore and check back often. We have some magical things in store for you and I don’t want you to miss any of it!

I was on KSL’s Studio 5 with Brooke Walker earlier this week where I gave an exclusive sneak peek of the collection along with a demonstration on how to create paper fascinators from this tutorial.

Let’s take a look at the Royal Wedding Collection!

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DIY + flowers + Projects + Wedding / Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

Cinco de Mayo Paper Wedding Bouquet

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Bouquet

If you haven’t heard, we’re creating a new paper wedding bouquet every month for all you brides to be out there! We kept it clean and simple last month with a white stunner that would work for so many different styles. This month’s bouquet is far more colorful and perfect for a more casual, lively gathering! We’re calling it our Cinco de Mayo Paper Wedding Bouquet! Poppies, daffodils, tulips, and a few kumquats come together to create a bright and springy bouquet. We’ve provided templates and step-by-step instructions so you can recreate this lush beauty for your next event! It looks lovely in a vase as well!

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Bouquet

Download the flower templates today!

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paper flowers + Projects + Wedding / Monday, 5 Mar 2018

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

March has arrived, which means Spring is on its way, which means wedding season is upon us! Do you have any weddings to attend this year? Perhaps you’re a soon-to-be bride? Either way, you probably know flowers are a huge part of weddings and for good reason. Blossoms and blooms have the power to create dreamy settings, lovely pops of color, and can determine the style and mood of a wedding. The downside? They cost a pretty penny. So if you’re the type of bride that would rather spend time creating rather than spend money on a florist, this Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet is for you!

Inspired by the gorgeous work of Yasmine Floral Design, one of my favorite florists, we made a bouquet of Coral Charm peonies, Billy Balls, and lots of greenery. Tied with a lovely silk ribbon, no one would ever know this bouquet wasn’t real! Plus, it lasts long after the big day. Now you’ve got an heirloom wedding bouquet that you can have for years to come. Just set it in a vase or use it as a centerpiece!

Get the tutorials for the flowers and start making some blooms!

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