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Crafts + Party + printable / Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

Printable Hot Dog Trays

Printable food Trays

Picnic season has officially arrived and with 4th of July festivities right around the corner, we want to make sure you’re prepared! Outdoor eating means ditching the dishes in replace of paper goods. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time finding holiday appropriate paper goods that aren’t tacky. This is a problem especially when I don’t plan ahead and buy some online. Summer is all about the last minute get together! We want to ensure that you have some festive paper goods to use at your next event that aren’t the least bit cheesy! Details matter, remember? These printable hot dog trays don a freshened up color palette perfect for the 4th of July. Load them up with hot dogs and burgers, s’mores supplies, popcorn, and whatever other goodies you want! Potato chips and hot dogs have never looked so good! And neither have balloon hot dogs ūüėČ

Printable Hot Dog Trays

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Crafts + Party + Projects / Monday, 15 May 2017

Paper Watermelon Tablecloth

Paper Watermelon tableclothRemember our Birthday Cake¬†Tablecloth? We loved it so much we were inspired to make a more graphic paper rendition based on a piece of artwork I saw hanging in Abby Clawson Low‘s home in Mexico City¬†(she’s one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram!). That watermelon poster is so simple and bold¬†and I thought it would be great to bring its aesthetic into party decor.

The best thing about this¬†project? It’s paper, and paper is cheap (less than $5) and you can recycle it once the event is over. I’m a big fan of the whole easy clean-up deal as well. With Memorial Day coming up, picnic season is about to commence. Consequently, watermelon consumption‚ÄĒat least in my home‚ÄĒis going to reach an all-time high. So, we embraced the summer fruit with a paper watermelon tablecloth and a watermelon seed balloon garland! On the menu? Watermelon, watermelon, and more watermelon!

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Crafts + DIY + mother's day + Projects / Monday, 8 May 2017

Mother’s Day Bouquet Gift Card

Mother's Day gift card
Is your mom the mom that has everything? I feel like I often give my mom the same type of scarf, jewelry, or lotion every year. But not this year! My sister and I have been planning a girls trip with my mom for the past few months and it could not be more perfect. We all live far apart from one another so opportunities to get together are few and far between. Mother’s Day provided the perfect excuse for all of us to head to Vegas this year!¬†To avoid having three separate cars, we booked cheap flights and plan to meet at the airport. However, that left the question of how we’d navigate the city…

Mother's Day gift card

Uber to the rescue! I’m getting my mom an Uber gift card to take care of all our driving needs in Las Vegas! Uber is a gift my Mom can actually use, and will make our trip so much easier and less stressful. Forget renting a car, parking, stopping for gas, etc.. We’re planning on using Uber to chauffer¬†us around to our favorite destinations. Number on our list? The Celine Dion concert! So I packaged the card up in a Mother’s Day Bouquet Gift Card (illustrated by the lovely Danielle Kroll), overflowing with paper flowers. Who knew a gift card could be so pretty? So whatever your Mother’s Day plans are, make your mom’s life easier with an Uber gift card. She’s sure to like it more than another scarf.

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Crafts + Life + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 2 May 2017

4 ways to Gather For Goats

Gather for goats Benefit for Syrian refugees

With our large public platform, I’m always thinking of how we can use our voice for good and lately I’ve been trying to think of a way that we¬†could pitch in to support the refugee struggle. ¬†I was honored and so pleased when my friend, Linsey Laidlaw, asked if we could help promote a new¬†worldwide benefit for Syrian refugees called Gather for Goats, which she has been tirelessly working on with Lifting Hands International.

The goal is to buy 800 goats for Syrian refugee families living in the desert in Jordan to provide a sustainable source of nutrition and hydration for children in this uninhabited area and the plan is to host a dinner party (or brunch, BBQ, etc); ask guests to donate what they would have spent on a meal at a restaurant to the goat fund. Set a goal! Each goat costs $300‚ÄĒhow many can your group buy? And if you can’t host, you can still contribute by clicking here.

This benefit is open to everyone and in any way–small or little–you can. Or, better yet! Give it as a gift for Mother’s Day! Read more about Gather for Goats on this beautiful website Linsey made.

Today we’re sharing 4 different ways to put on your own Gather For Goats party. You can make it a huge deal or keep it small, but either way, I think these party ideas are so fun for any occassion!

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Crafts + DIY + Projects / Monday, 1 May 2017

Paper Strawberry Surprise Ball

Make a paper strawberry

For April’s book club book, we’ve been reading all about the meanings of different flowers and I’ve been fascinated! I’m probably ruined because I can no longer look at a flower without wondering the deeper symbolism. Did you know that in the Victorian flower language (yes, it’s a thing¬†and it’s amazing) the strawberry represents “sweetness in character”? Who knew?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect opportunity to show gratitude to all the women in your life. Remember our DIY Carrot Surprise ball? We made an easy way to recognize someone’s sweetness with our spin on a paper strawberry surprise ball! Filled with a favorite candy, a mini lotion, nail polish, or other trinkets, you’re good to go! These would make great party favors too. So spread some sweetness and make all the strawberries!

paper strawberry surprise ball-5

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