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Book Club + Design / Friday, 28 Oct 2016

Lars Book Club: October

frankensteinBook club frankensteinWhat do you think of Frankenstein so far? Can you believe a teenager wrote this story?? And as part of a contest, too! On a dark night near Lake Geneva, Switzerland, in 1818. Lord Byron challenged his closest friends to create a ghost story. Shelley’s was published two years later. It was revised and printed again in 1831 (the version we are reading). Pretty amazing! If you’re reading it for the first time, has it surprised you?? This is my second time around, and I’m paying more attention this time. 🙂 OK, the tricky thing about a classic book like this is that you can find discussion points and questions just about anywhere. Coming up with some original questions was not easy, but we’ve thought of a few.

We partnered up with Emily Isabella as this month’s guest illustrator to create a lovely printable bookmark and quote that adds a little bit of beauty to the creepy! Download it below! Read on →

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coloring + Design / Friday, 14 Oct 2016

Cactus Coloring Book

Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen

It’s out! The Lars Cactus Coloring Book is out now! After the success of the Flowers Coloring Book, we had to follow it up with something a little more prickly and succ-y 🙂 and that would be cacti and succulents, no?!

Cactus Coloring Book is 60 pages of 10 different cacti and succulents that include scientific charts, patterns, and symmetrical patterns (I call them folk symmetricals). I’ve found them to be great learning resources as well as a true meditative form of relaxation. If you think this coloring book for adults trend is hogwash you probably haven’t done it. It seriously clears your mind and allows you to escape into another world. And ours is good because there’s something for every skill level. Large close-ups of the plants where you can do larger coloring (for little ones) and smaller more detailed patterns for those with more skills. That said, I find that a mix of skill sets is great depending on what type of mood you are in. Sometimes you just don’t want to worry about being precise and sometimes it’s fun, you know?!
Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen Read on →

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Design + downloads / Monday, 3 Oct 2016

October Calendar Desktop





It’s already October, which means Halloween is just around the corner! Here is a little costume inspiration for your desktop or phone to get your wheels turning. As you’re probably aware, I dressed up as a hotdog a few months ago, as any normal person would do (gah!) and that sparked the inspiration for these adorable illustrations by Monica. I’m dying over this. That lemon get-up is calling my name!

Access wallpapers here

by Monica Lynch

Find more desktop and wallpaper downloads here

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Book Club + Design / Tuesday, 6 Sep 2016

Lars Book Club: September

alphabetical-by-michael-rosenIt’s that time, folks! We’re shopping for school supplies, packing lunches and backpacks, and the leaves are beginning to show off their colors! While we’re in the “back to school” mode, we thought we’d learn something new along with the kids. Have you ever wondered how our alphabet evolved into what it is now?? Why and how were those 26 letters chosen to represent sounds, then combined to form words? In Alphabetical: How Every Letter Tells a Story, Michael Rosen gives the reader the history of each letter, its pronunciation, what sound it represented, and how it was written – starting with the ancient Phoenicians up to the present, where the alphabet is changing every day due to technology and texting. The stories and facts presented with each letter and chapter are fascinating and Rosen’s jokes and word games will leave you chuckling. The evolution of the English-language alphabet (something we use every day yet never stop to think about) is truly mind-boggling! Enjoy!

We’ll be checking in with another free printable quote and bookmark with another fabulous guest illustrator, along with some discussion questions, so check in soon!

Get Alphabetical here 

by Julie Richardson  |  Photo by Anna Killian  |  Styled by Brittany Jepsen for The House That Lars Built 

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Design + downloads + Life / Monday, 5 Sep 2016

September calendar desktop

16sept-desktop-wallpaper1abstract desktop wallpaperaugust2016-FOR-IPHONE

Happy September! Enjoy this pretty desktop calendar and phone wallpapers!

Access the wallpapers here.

by Monica Lynch 

Get more desktop wallpaper and iphone wallpaper here

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