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Design + Life / Friday, 21 Jul 2017

A case of the wi-fi blues and how I solved it!

Faster internet with Eero

As I’ve mentioned many many times before, we live below some of the kindest people in the world. They’re so kind that we threaten never to move out. Ha! Though we love living here, we do have a case of the slow wi-fi blues. We get our Internet from our sweet landlords upstairs and sadly it’s a constant battle of texting “our Internet is out” and “can you restart the router?” to which they happily do, but when you rely on the Internet for your job, the complaining becomes a bit much for both of us, though I’m sure they would never ever admit it.

I was lucky enough to try out the eero, a new system to strengthen your wi-fi and our Internet is now 400% faster!!!! Yes, you read that right, 400%!  See this little white box below? That’s the magic maker. Here’s how it works.
Faster internet with Eero

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Book Club + Design + downloads + Life / Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017

The Brilliant History of Color in Art Downloads

July 2017 Book Club

Have you been enjoying The Brilliant History of Color in Art?? We’ve gotten some enthusiastic feedback on @larsbookclub , our Instagram feed! Apparently, you love to learn about the colors around us and throughout history just as much as we do. Well, we hit the jackpot with this book in regards to “extras”. The J. Paul Getty Museum features this book on their website, along with art lessons for kids, a self-guided museum tour, discussion questions, AND even a quiz! What did you REALLY learn about these colors? 😉 Take the quiz and find out! Find the Getty’s great educational site hereWe included a couple of their questions below, but be sure to head to their site for more! Don’t forget to print out this month’s incredible artwork by our featured illustrator, Jennifer Bouron.July 2017 Book Club

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Design + downloads + illustration + Life / Friday, 30 Jun 2017

July Desktop Calendar and wallpaper

JUly 2017 desktop wallpaper and calendar JUly 2017 desktop wallpaper and calendar

Do you ever catch the wanderlust bug? Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of vacations, relaxing retreats, and exciting adventures all day long. I’ll check airfares daily, research new hotels, and plan the restaurants I’ll visit. Ah, what a vacation can do for the soul! This month’s July desktop calendar wallpaper captures my love for vacationing with a sweet illustration of a few travel essentials! Now if only I could pack that simply…I hope that you have some exciting plans for this summer so I can live vicariously through you! In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming, planning, and looking forward to my next getaway!  Let’s make July a good one! Read on →

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Design + garden + gardening + Projects / Monday, 12 Jun 2017

How to grow a garden even when you think you can’t

Lars in the garden

Like a proud mother, I want to show off my babies: my small but delightful-to-me garden. It’s small, but makes me so happy. And this comes from someone who knew not too much about gardening and didn’t know I could get so much from such a small space. But let me start at the beginning if you’re just joining in on reading Lars.

Read along for my tips on how to create a garden even if you think you can’t!

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Design + Life / Friday, 9 Jun 2017

Lars’ Favorite Journals

Lars' Favorite journals

Lars’ Favorite Journals and Notebooks

Are you a diligent journal writer? I was diligent up until I started this blog and it kind of took over any analog motivations. These days I’m mostly surrounded by a sea of sticky notes. It’s always handy to have a notebook on hand to jot down lists and little notes, and it’s even easier when you’ve got a cute journal to fill. So here are Lar’s favorite journals to fill with all your hopes, dreams, grocery lists, and doodles! Read on →

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