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Design + Life + Projects / Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017

“An Artful life”

DIY paper bouquet of flower costumesPerhaps you’ve noticed the small subtitle directly below the logo of this blog, The House That Lars Built, An Artful Life. I’ve felt the need to discuss what this means and why it’s there. It’s not there to fill up space or because the logo needed a little something extra below it (although it does fit in like a nice little package) . That small subtitle happens to inform everything we do here. Read on →

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Design + garden + Life / Monday, 24 Apr 2017

Lars’ Gardening Essentials

Lars favorite gardening essentialsGardening season is in full bloom here and we’re all crossing our fingers it doesn’t dip below freezing again until fall! That’s the risk you run planting flowers in these parts. That’s not enough to discourage me, though. No sir. I’ll be a green thumb yet, but naturally, I want to look cute doing it. We’ve rounded up some Lar’s gardening essentials, from gloves to planters, you’ll be set for spring with a variety of tools. Whether you’ve got a pumpkin patch in your backyard, a few pots on your front porch, or some herbs on your windowsill, there’s something for every gardener (or wannabe) out there!

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Design + Life + Style / Thursday, 20 Apr 2017

Lars Kid Graduation Chatbook

Kid graduation photo book custom cover

We’re nearing the end of April and with May fast approaching. Spring and Summer are without a doubt my favorite seasons. They bring longer days, Midsummer celebrations, visits to the greenhouse, picnics, straw hats, road trips to quaint towns, sandals, and sunshine. For those of you with little ones, this also means summer vacation and the end of the school year! Our next installment of Chatbooks celebrates that momentous occasion! We designed a more sophisticated graduation book (which you can now get for multiple years!), but we thought we needed a more playful version for the kiddos! Whether you want to document their school field trips and photos or include camps and vacations taken throughout the year, this book is a perfect fit!

Lars Kid Graduation Chatbook

Read on →

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Design + Projects + Wedding / Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017

How to Make your own Bridal Bouquet

How to make your own bridal bouquet

Oh, how I love flowers! They’re just the icing on the cake when it comes to every special occasion, most specifically a wedding. They manage to bring everything together: the colors, the theme, the feel. After I picked the theme for my wedding, Scandinavian Garden, I knew that the flowers were going to be a huge factor in creating the look I wanted. Can’t have a garden without flowers! I wanted a bouquet that would look almost as if it had been plucked fresh out of the ground: very whimsical, asymmetrical, and full of wild flowers.

Luckily, I found a florist, Erin Keller of Urban Chateau Floral, that I was able to work with on a more personal level to create my dream bouquet. After working with her side by side, I’d recommend this to every bride! Erin shared some floral design tips with me, asked me my opinion as we went, and made sure the bouquet was perfect in every way. I thought I would pass along those tips to how to create your own bridal bouquet! You’ll have some basic guidelines for creating gorgeous floral arrangements, whether you’re getting married or not. Flowers are always in season!

Read on for all the tips! Read on →

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Design + Life / Saturday, 15 Apr 2017

How to use color to transform your space

How to use color to transform your space

BEHR® Paint reached out to see if we might have a project that was in need of some paint and I quickly responded, “yes, yes, yes!” You see, we recently acquired an additional office in our studio for more work space. This room lacks windows to the outside resulting in zero natural light. This, as you can imagine, is kind of a drag. For that reason, we’re not crazy about the room.

I knew there was potential for a great makeover because I believe in the power of paint. Paint has the capability of transforming even the lamest of spaces. It’s all about color choice! As you may or may not realize, color can affect your mood for better or for worse (did you know that yellow makes babies cry more?!). With the right choice, we could transform our light-less room to something extraordinary.

Continue to see how to use color to transform your space and for a chance to win a $10,000 room makeover! Read on →

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